Change of mind

I find that since I returned from Dubai my mental state of mind has greatly improved. I just see in the small things that happen on a daily basis. Like today at work I was more upbeat and positive. I found that I sincerely enjoy helping out at the Senior Center. I think that I needed that vacation in order to realize what I truly have and be appreciative for all that I have in this world. My parents are amazing and supportive and I know not everyone has that and I truly feel bad for people who do not have a family or a support system of any kind. So without getting too in depth on this post I just want to state that my mental state has made a shift in the right direction. I have a long way to go in order to have the life I want but everyone has to deal with that. I caused this Traumatic Brain Injury and the only thing I can do is to make the best of the situation I have laid out in front of me.


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  1. Jordan, I’m glad that you are feeling this way and I’m certainly happy if I had anything to do with it. Dad and I enjoyed your company and both feel that you are moving in the right direction.
    Stay positive and keep up the good work!! We love you dearly❤
    Love, Mom and Dad

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