The loss of people!

I find it hard to put into words the emotions that I am feeling today. I didn’t have a bad day but a client passed away over the weekend. We were not close or anything but I still have this overwhelming feeling of loss. He was an absolutely sweet man and I truly feel for his loss. Not in the fact that i’m overly emotional or anything but its a shame that he passed away. He was a sweet man who brought a smile to everyone at work on a daily basis. All of the staff loved him and I just thought he was the sweetest man ever! I agree with them on that, he was a sweet man and its a shame that he passed away. Like I said I wasn’t close to him but I still feel a loss. I hope that he is in a better place now and that he is truly at peace. I will miss him and I know that it was his time to pass on. So what I have learned is that even though we were not close I can still show empathy, even if it is only an emotion i can grasp for the time being. I believe that over time I will have more outward emotions but even if I don’t i’m not that worried about it. I know how I feel and that is all that truly matters!