Who will I become?

I am only 27 and know that I will make drastic changes in my life in the years to come. I couldn’t have guessed that I would have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. In many ways it has complicated my life but it has also heightened my perception on life. I know only that I have no clue where my life is heading towards. That a very interesting place to be in because I have to make a conscious effort in everything that I do. I just have to remind myself that my brain suffered something traumatic and it needs to heal. I know that this will take place over the rest of my life but now I can see some of my work paying off. I just started working at CT Green Screen on Tuesday and so far it is going well. I have a lot of goals and aspirations in my life. In order to achieve those goals there must be a conscious effort on my part to be present in the now. For me it has always deterred my growth and progress in life by looking to far into the future. So now I just try and focus on what is right in front of me.


2 thoughts on “Who will I become?

  1. Jordan-you have a lot of amazing opportunities ahead. I am very proud of who you are and what you are becoming. Stay true to yourself and stay focused on your goals.
    Success is in the cards for you-I feel it😀😀
    Love you always-Mom❤❤❤❤

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