Starting work!

Last week I started my new job. I find it very intellectually fulfilling and I have started to like my work once again. A few weeks ago I was contemplating switching careers but now I feel like that was a premature thought. I know that this is what I enjoy doing and it brings me a sense of joy that I didn’t have before. This is only the second week in which I am working at CTGS Productions. In order for me to see if this is the type of work that I want to continue doing I think that I need to give it a few more weeks of trial and error of being in the workplace. I think that this is a good step for me because I have to enjoy what I do in order to be happy in life. I think that giving this job a month or two of really trying my best is the only feasible way for me to decide if I want to do this with the rest of my life. Without giving this opportunity my full efforts I think that I will be doing a disservice to myself and that is not something that I want to do. Just like they say in NA/AA I need to take this one step at a time. I have to stop myself from looking to far in the future. I feel like being stable emotionally is a good place to start being healthy.


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  1. Jordan-I think that this is an excellent opportunity for you and one that you’re lucky to have.. Relish it, as these chances don’t occur very often. Give it 110% and see where it leads. Very proud of you-work hard and reap the rewards😀😀
    Love you-Mom

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