The Thought of It

Thor Grey

The Thought of It (old short story assignment, in the style of Poe)

It was late one night when the thought first came to my mind. A mind whose body was weak and weary, but growing stronger with this thought. This thought that paid no attention to the others in my mind, and took complete command of any others in my mind. Yes, it was late that fateful night when I had this thought for the very first time; a thought so simple and seemingly inevitable that it was baffling me as to why I hadn’t thought it before. I lay in thine chamber whilst all I heard were noises. ‘Twas the noises of the dark which fueled this thought of mine. Yes, ‘twas the noises of the night, the voices of the night, which fueled this, thought. Indeed, ‘twas the noises of the night, the voices of the night…

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