How am I?

I have decided to do a blog post on how I am feeling with my current situation. Im not 100% happy with my current situation but I am coming to terms that this was all caused by me. In order to see changes I have to be positive and have a good outlook on life. Having a bad outlook makes you miserable and then nothing can be done to improve on your life. Right now I am in a program for people who suffered brain injuries in Thomaston, CT. Having the love and support of my family means the world to me and I am forever grateful for everything that they have done and continue to do for me. I have been very stubborn in the way that i think and do things but I am trying very hard to change my attitude. I think that the trip that I have in August will be good. I will finally have my mom dad and brother in the same country, this time in the same state. I am so excited for this trip!