New Day!

Today is a new day for me. I have recently decided that I want to start each day fresh and that is something that will be hard to do but I think it will be positive for me. I have always dwelled on things I cannot control and that has lead me to get anxious. In order to keep my anxiety levels down I think that starting each day off fresh is a good idea. Looking forward to the future is something that I can do when it is something reasonable for me, like looking forward to going to Chicago in August to visit my brother and grandma. My new outlook on life is only going to be positive things that I can control, small steps is what is good for me. Biting off things that are bigger than I can handle is something that I have done in the past and has never brought good results. So I will not continue to do this, or at least I will try to make a change. Im not saying that I will be perfect at this but all I can do is try.