I don’t exactly know what to write about for my blog post today. I think that this is always the hardest part of coming up with an idea on what to write about. Well I have been doing good the past few weeks, yes there have been some bumps in the road but that is to be expected. I think that in 3 years I will be living on my own. Thats me giving myself some time to heal and recover. I think that is a reasonable time frame for everything to happen. When I first got to Mindscape I thought I would be out of there in a year but that’s not the case. I don’t mind being in Mindscape but I would like more freedoms that I currently have. Like a day or two on my own without a house manager, I think that is what I am going to bring up in my team meeting. Its not that long until my parents come in the country, which I am very excited about.