Who knows where I will be in a year!

I have no idea where I will be in one year from today. I need to stay positive and keep doing the right thing. I hate that I am in the current situation that I am in, but I did this to myself. I chose to do heroin which led to my overdose which is what caused my brain injury. I can’t blame anyone else besides myself, I just need to work on myself and improve in any way that I can. No matter what, I am happy with the progress that I have made. So in one year from now I hope to be living on my own and dating. I have been talking to a guy that seems very nice but I can’t tell if we have that connection because we have yet to meet in person. All is hope for is that I can be a happy person in whatever situation that I find myself in.

3 thoughts on “Who knows where I will be in a year!”

  1. You will be everything you are setting out to be. Small shuffles of progress- with a backstep here and there – is what makes brain injury so excruciatingly slow. It is a miserable ride to a destination where nothing is promised to you. I hear in your words the reminder to yourself to keep patient, honest, have faith that change will come, and most importantly, to be yourself always – even if you have not always accepted and loved that person, it is one dimension of who we truly are and your brain injury seems to be the result of a vulnerable part of you. But only exacting these little parts of ourselves do we shut ourselves out of the reality of all we are, taken as a whole, how we are in situations of life that bring out identifiable parts of this whole being; that is because we are always growing and expanding. Walt whitman said it like this “i contain multitudes.” You do too! And your love life and wellness will keep manifesting. Love and accept who you are, and others will too.

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