Traumatic Brain injury

I finally made one step!

I know it’s not a huge step but I went into my social media accounts and signed out. It’s very hard to do, I have bad impulse control and that has exacerbated my thought process and decision making. I can only look at it as another thing to improve on. This is my life and I need to put in more effort and show people that I really do care about my life. It is just not shown due to the aphasia cause by my anoxic brain injury. The type of brain injury that I have was caused by lack of oxygen to my brain, not any external force hitting my head. So there are a lot of things I need to improve upon.

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    Years worth of personal growth and change captured here in this young man’s precious moments post TBI. This inspires me and shows how mature and evolved many TBI patients are, even if it’s clouded by impulse or behavior issues. The heart stays true to itself; it stays strong while the brain has its time to rest and renew itself. Thanks for your post!

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